Hello #LUNAtics!

We are sorry to hear about the hardships that LUNAtics are going through.

If you're an NFT creator you're probably wondering whether you should move your NFTs from Terra Classic somewhere else. And you're probably wondering how you'd do that (and also to find out whether that's the right decision for you).

If you're an NFT owner you're probably wondering what will happen to your NFT(s).

We're here to help you to move to the Algorand network if that's the direction your NFT project has taken.

Al Goanna

Why Algorand?

The Algorand network is a great choice for NFT projects. A few of the many reasons include:

Green blockchain

Algorand was built as agreen blockchainwith an environmental impact focus from the very beginning, and is Carbon Negative by more than offsetting the energy that is used.

First-class NFTs

Algorand Standard Assets are afirst-class layer 1 mechanism;you can create NFTs with a simple transaction without writing a smart contract and you can also extend their functionality using smart contracts.

Low network fees

The minimum fee for a transaction is only 1,000 microAlgos or .001 Algos (and for Terra migrations, fees will be covered by the Algorand Foundation).

Fast and scalable

Algorand has1,200 tps and instant finality- every 4.5 seconds a new block is committed and all transactions are guaranteed to be final.

Find out more about why Algorand should be the platform of choice. Find out more about creating NFT projects on Algorand.

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We want to make sure the experience we built is easy, secure and seamless and we want to do that by working closely with projects and listening to their feedback as we directly support their migration with expert advice.

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We're here to help you

Our goal is to help LUNAtics in their time of need by making it really easy, secure and seamless to migrate their NFT projects to Algorand:

Poppin Puffins


Poppin Puffins

Hello #LUNAtics!

Poppin Quote

From abjectly hopeless to positively excited in less than a week. We have been blown away by the#Algofam community, and we are excited to start our new journey on Algorand!

- Lil'Auk & The Olifants
Founders of Poppin Puffins

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NFTs on Algorand

Algorand is already home to many great NFT projects, all with active NFT-collecting communities. Some examples include:

Al GoannaAl GoannaMNGOMNGOData History MuseumData History Museum

5m+ NFTs

Algorand has had5.2m and countingNFTs minted.

Learn and see more at:Creating NFTs on Algorand,NFT explorer,Rand Gallery,NFT AlgoxNFT,algogems andAsalytic.

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