I am a holder of NFTs

Convert your NFT from Terra to Algorand

Are you wondering how to move your NFT from Terra Classic to a different blockchain?

First, reach out to your Terra project creators and find out what their plans are. They'll make the decision about where they will be migrating their project to, that's if they are going to migrate.

If they haven't yet, point them here so they can learn about this conversion service.

If they are going to move their NFTs to Algorand, you can get ready by setting up an Algorand wallet. Using this service you don't need to buy Algos, you just need the wallet to store the converted assets.

Hold tight and wait for your project creators to tell you they're ready for you to collect your NFT again. Check back here and we'll have details of how to make the transfer.


Quick Migrate


I hold Terra NFTs and am ready to migrate them to the Algorand Ecosystem.

Getting ready: Algorand account and wallet

You'll need an Algorand account and an Algorand-specific wallet application.
The three wallet applications that we're supporting are:

Pera Wallet

The official Algorand wallet. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Good instructions are available in this support article: How to create a New Algorand Account on Pera Wallet?

My Algo Wallet

Works in the browser.

Setup instructions are on their home page, in the FAQ section.

Algo Signer Wallet

Chrome extension.

It has a good account setup video:
Getting Started with AlgoSigner, an Algorand Wallet Extension for Chrome

As always, make a plan for how you are going to keep your mnemonic phrase safe. Pera Wallet has good tips and advice.

Create an account via any of these wallets, and make sure you keep your mnemonic phrase safe.

Getting ready: Terra Station wallet

If you don't already use Terra Station wallet, you'll need to set it up for the migration (we know there are a number of popular wallets, but choosing just one means we can make this service available to you quickly).

Terra Station wallet has support for desktopbrowser extensions and mobile.

As a result of the Terra exchange migration you will need to change your wallet settings to use the Terra Classic network. This can safely be changed back to the main network once migration is complete. The migrate tool verifies NFT ownership based on the original Terra Classic network.

Getting ready: Buying Algos

Algorand's network fees are always already low (min .001 Algos) but the Algorand Foundation is covering the network fee for all projects we move via this service.

So that means you don't need to buy Algos - unless you are planning on buying some new NFTs in the future of course!

Learn more

If you want to get more detail about how NFTs work on Algorand then check out the KK Honey "How to Algo NFT" guide.

What happens when we start migration?

Our step-by-step migration wizard will guide you through. Summaries are below so you know what to expect. If at any point you are unsure what is happening or something seems to be awry do get in touch.

Step 1 Connect

Connect your Terra Station wallet.

Connect your choice of Algorand wallet.

Step 2 Review

We'll check your Terra Station wallet to see what NFTs are available for migration, and will show you a preview so you know what will be migrated.


  • You'll sign a Terra transaction (so we know you have authority to migrate the NFTs)
  • You'll sign an opt-in transaction for Algorand (the fees for this will be covered for you)
  • We'll move the migrated NFTs to your Algorand wallet


You'll see your NFTs in your Algorand wallet. You can also connect to  algogems  or  AlgoxNFT  or  Rand Gallery  to view your NFTs.